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European Oak

Quercus robur  (Europe)

European Oak is a light brown to biscuit colour with a distinct silver grain on quarter-sawn surfaces. Oak has well established uses for furniture, doors, windows, floors and all prestigious joinery. It finishes well and is strong, hard-wearing and reasonably stable.

The majority of our stock is Super Prime European Oak. This is the highest grade and specification available in the UK market with literally no knots, although the odd pip is acceptable on one face. Renowned for its quality and consistency our stocks are sourced from the same region in Croatia and are 100% FSC, ensuring the timber comes from sustainably managed forests. 

European Oak is also available in larger sections for rustic beams and, when fresh sawn (Green) for high quality fencing and bollards. With all Oak, precautions are necessary to prevent contact with iron and steel which react with tannin in the wood causing a black stain.

Grades and Sawn Thickness available:


Super Prime Croatian Oak: 

27mm  32mm  40mm  50/52mm  65mm  80mm  100mm

European Prime: 

26-27mm   32mm  40mm   50/52mm

European Waney Edge 


Cost Guide: ££££

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