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One of the most important and best-used services offered by Moss & Co are those provided by the saw and moulding mills, converting sawn wood to customers’ special sizes and profiles. We regularly undertake sawing, planing and moulding together with the construction of solid wood worktops, coarse sanding, panel sawing and cross-cutting. Please feel free to enquire with your specific requirements.


Ordering Timber


Customers are very welcome to visit our premises to place orders in person and this is desirable if special selection is required. For most straight forward orders we invite instruction by telephone or email. We like to agree prices before starting work and estimates and quotations are freely given. Regular customers may apply for account facilities, subject to the usual enquiries.


When enquiring for an estimate it is important to specify if your timber is to be planed or left rough sawn and if planed, whether the size stated is the nominal size before planing or the finished size after planing. If a shaped moulding is required, a sketch, or better still a full size drawing, is invaluable. When planning a layout diagram to describe the cutting of sheet materials, remember to allow about 4 mm for each saw cut. Note that with most plywood and veneered boards, the timber grain runs along the 2440 mm length of the board.


When ordering timber we like to be presented with a detailed cutting list since this frequently allows us to select planks more economically than if all the piece lengths are added together. Please list together all the lengths of each particular cross section size, so as to ensure an economic and correct yield from the stock selected. Please note that we do not then cut each piece to length: if cross cutting is desired, either roughly for ease of transport or exactly to final length, then a specific request must be made.


Timber worktops supplied as standard are over length, square edged, rough production sanded one side and without any applied finish.


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