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There is nothing like a natural, hardwood work-surface to top off your kitchen or workspace. Bespoke hardwood or high quality soft wood worktops can provide you with a great surface that's is hardwearing, visually appealing and matures beautifully with age. Made in London, using a combination of traditional skills and cutting edge technology, the work surfaces can be made to your desire, design and specifications. If you would like to discuss your project with us, please give us a call or visit our showroom.


As standard we use and recommend a random width of stave to enhance the natural appearance of the top. Depending on the type of timber, we like to use staves with widths between 70-120mm to encourage stability. Standard production worktops are supplied over length, square edged, sanded to 120 grit and without any applied finish. Popular customisations may include radius corners, edge finishing and bespoke cutouts. 



T.S - SW6, London 

"We love our worktops and they bring beautiful warmth to the kitchen"


K.C - W4, London

"We've moved three times over the past twenty years and always have our worktops made at Moss. The worktops are an essential part of our kitchen and have always been delightful."


N.P - W12, London 

"The Walnut tops supplied by Moss & Co were better than we expected! Great service and delivered right on time."


K.T - N1, London

"We looked everywhere for someone to make us some old fashioned, solid wood worktops. What a delight it was to find Moss & Co as they served our every need! We will definitely be back for more when we move home!"

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