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​We at Moss & Co stock and supply timber only from sustainable sources and promote the increased use of temperate hardwoods and timber efficient man-made forest products.


As a registered FSC and PEFC supplier we are signed up to the Environmental Code of Practice which encourages improved standards of conduct and condemns illegal logging practices. We are audited for the way we source our timber and are passionate about complying with and forwarding any initiative around sustainability, which after all has a direct impact on the planet and also our own future as a company and industry. 

It is as important to give tropical hardwoods a significant value by continuing to purchase them as this gives forest owners an incentive to husband their resources and not be forced to seek alternative, higher value uses which inevitably lead to forest clearance for farming, mining, charcoal production etc. Encouraging management for a sustainable yield, compatible with the other legitimate requirements of the local people is, we believe, the way forward in creating a future of regenerated and abundant forests.


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